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need help

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I am worried about my boy. last night before I went to bed he was fine and then all of a sudden he started crying like something was really hurting him.
But i checked his body there were no bites, scratchs on him but he did cry again when I touched him and I dont know what is wrong!
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Well how scary and weird. Is it still happening ? Hope you figured out something :(
:wave: Hi and Welcome :wave: How old is your baby? Does he sleep with you or do you crate him? :D Hope to get to meet you better we have a Newbie section where you can introduce yourself and your baby we love pics too :wink:

About the crying: maybe he fell asleep and had a nightmare :wink: yes, dogs can have nightmares :D
If he cried again when you touched him maybe you should give the vet a call?
Oh that is a little scary! I would call you vet if it continues
yeah give the vet a call. that is what they are there for :wave:
I would call the vet if it happens again. Does he sleep with you? If he doesnt maybe he just got scared or lonely & when you touched him he got afraid.
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