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My wife and I just adopted an 8 week old male Chihuahua last week. I work from home, so I am always in our dog’s sight and he always wants to sit on my lap, crease of my elbow, or shoulder. If I set him down and stand up, he will follow me and sniff around and explore, but ends up standing on my feet (I’m guessing he’s trying to tell me to sit and hold him). If I sit on the couch he tries jumping up, lightly scratching the couch, which I would like to discourage.
My questions are: Can I train him to be ok on his own if I don’t want to hold him every time I’m sitting on the couch - or will he naturally grow into a more independent adult dog?
Does he need a crate AND a bed or is he confused by having both? Should we just use the crate until we’ve decided that he is done chewing things he shouldn’t be and having accidents during the night (which don’t happen often if I get up in time) and then move to the bed? Eventually we would like him to sleep in bed with us, but if he is still too small as an adult we might just move his bed into our room to sleep in.

Thanks in advance!
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