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The harness and collar your getting for neeva is so cute she is going to look adorable
I'm glad you have found something small enough to do for now.
That's what I did with millie she got her first BB when she was 6 months (size 2) and now she's at 9 months nearly 10 months she wear size 2.5.
im going to do abit research into the juvederm, I can't wait to see how yours turn out

You love your makeup don't you, I wish I could try new brands I'm a bugger for sticking with Mac for the necessities.
I bought the bare essentials starter kit last month and I don't even like it

The lime crimes Venus palette is lush, the shade shell is my favourite. My favourite palette I have it naked 2 by urban decay it's gorgeous! Have you ever tried it?
Aww Millies a big girl now!! Such a cutie! I'll book in soon but I'm well nervous my mums wants it as well and she wants botox so I may wait for her! Nothing like some minor plastic surgery for a bonding day hahahaha!!! I really do I'm a make up hoarder! I stick with Mac for lippys and foundation but I hoard eyeshadows, I have the 3 naked palettes I love Naked 2 thats my fave its more browns than the naked 1 thats more pinky and that doesn't go with my eye colour! I don't really like bare minerals every things very natural looking, where I like when my eyeliner genuinely looks like it could stab someone to death and bright pink lipstick haha!! I do though need to find some better blending brushes for eyeshadow! Neeva got a hold of my set and well they aint blending anything anymore haha!! xx
I am going to get the naked 1 and 3, they are lush! Don't be nervous you will be absolutely fine and if your mams there I'm sure that will make you feel better!
Yeah I agree about the bare essentials, it wasn't enough coverage for me.
My fave Mac lippy is candy yum yum love it!
If your looking for a new eye blending brush here's a good one :)

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Thank you Camille!! Where have you been hiding!? How was Canada :)?
And thank you i'll let her know ;)! I really would like to add a third in the future but not until Neeva is fully trained as she is one crazy pup. I know I will one day but we will see hoping for next year! Would you get an LC or another smooth coat?
haha I've been quite busy with the trip to Canada and since coming back. And it was amazing! I pretty much ran around trying to see everyone in a short space of time, but also managed to squeeze in some awesome things like hikes and canoeing in national parks. And to top it off, it was 30C and sunny nearly the whole time so I was lucky.

As for adding a third chi, I know we'll do it someday too and I'm leaning towards getting a LC. My boyfriend prefers smooth coats, but I've noticed him warming up to LCs lately so it's a possibility. lol I personally love both so I'd be happy either way though.

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Happy 5 months pretty girl. She's looking good❤
Thank you love, Im really pleased with how she's developing. She's my little Diva! Though I would love to find a cute harness to fit her right now but its proving to be a pain in the bum to find!

Aww look how grown up she is looking. I have to say I'm being more and more taken with long coats as I see the beautiful ones on CP. I love seeing pics of Neeva and Pablo, just beautiful.
Thank you! I was the exact same, I was a short coat lover until I joined here and I've been converted but it was Meoshia's little Ava that made me join the LC club as I was in love with her, she's a little beauty. But LC's are so much fun to watch grow and change as you really don't know what they're up to lol!

Happy 5 months Neeva!! It just goes too quick. Seems like you just got her a month or so ago. You definitely have two beautiful chi's.
Thanks so much! I know right!? Its went in so fast, Pablo will be a year in November he's now a grown up lil man! It goes in so fast. I'm so glad Ive taken so many pics of them as pups to look back on

cant wait to see neeva all dressed up for the winter, elaina is selling some lush XXS things that would probably fit her? where are you planning on ordering from for her new clothes? will you dress Pablo too or is her not keen on clothes?
ive just received a really cute Mohawk hoodie from PetitDogApparel on etsy and there some really cool ones for male dogs have a look I think you will love them. millie looks adorable in hers!
shes going to be stunning when her adult coat comes in, ive never saw any photos of her parents do you have any?
I will let you know when duchess starts to lose hers
I need to try and find stuff to fit her first she's so short so anything that will fit her body always drops down at the legs! Total nightmare
And Pablo likes wearing clothes but he's only really dressed when we are out as he gets so cold without it lol! But he actually enjoys it, he seems more happy with a jumper on than without which is strange ha. I sent you some pics over of her parents, they had such fantastic natures but I'm still positive Neeva was raised by wolves she is crazy! Oh it'll be so funny to see duchess all scruffy though she might loose it gradually rather than all at once like some chi's its a crazy waiting game to see how theyll turn out because you just never know! And I really want to see that mohawk hoodie, I remember Meoshia posted ones and I fell in love but were to big for my crew

Aww they are both so cute together! And it's amazing that they get along so well.
Neeva is so pretty, she makes me want a long coat chi. lol Maybe one day... I think 2 chis is enough for now, but sometimes my boyfriend and I wonder about a third one... chihuahuas are addictive.
Thank you Camille!! Where have you been hiding!? How was Canada
And thank you i'll let her know
! I really would like to add a third in the future but not until Neeva is fully trained as she is one crazy pup. I know I will one day but we will see hoping for next year! Would you get an LC or another smooth coat?
Awe you are so sweet! Miss Ava says thanks for the compliment. I can't wait til you get your next long coat girl!
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