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Nemo doesnt like his carrier. UPDATE :)

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Ok i FINALLY got Nemos carrier yesterday (like a purse) put him in it. Nope there is no way he willl stay in there. hes dieing to get out. I wanted to try and take him to walmart tonight but it wont work now. He will be obvious. is there anything I can do to make it better for him?
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Elle didn't like her carrier at first either. She kept trying to get out and at times I thought she was going to jump out of hang herself in mid-air (there's a hook on the inside of the bag that attachs to her collar)!! I just stayed persistant and put her in there with a treat or a toy and now she LOVES being carried in it! Give it a second try...if it doesn't work out, something can be done, I'm sure. Best of luck!
good i will try that. I hope so cause I know it sounds silly but im dieing to take him somewhere.
You may want to just open it up and set it on the floor - throw a treat in it and see if he will go in there and eat it. I know Bosco will go to his carrier if it is like that and hang out in it on his own.

I would also start out practicing carrying him around in it maybe around the house or the yard something - so if he does cry, he's not annoying random strangers. :)

On a side note - I don't know if it just Bosco or not but he knows if I am not the one holding him in the carrier. For example, if I put him in a shopping cart while we are at the store he will whimper a little bit. But once I put the carrier on my shoulder he is happy as a clam. It must comfort him to sway and move as I walk. LOL

Good luck! I honestly think Nemo will learn to love his carrier.
I have the Bali bag that I use for Harley and he does fine when I'm carrying him around and such. We went out to eat one night and brought Harley and he started whimpering a bit so I just put the bag right near my feet and he was fine. He was so well behaved. I don't think Harley was amazingly thrilled at first with the bag but now he falls asleep in it or plays with his toys. :)

Yea im so happy now. Ive put Nemo in his carrier a few times with minimal luck. Today I put him in it and took him to my sons friends b-day party at the park. He stayed in it the whole time. all the kids loved him. He was terrified but soon relized they were no threat and loved all the attention he got from them. there was even a huge dog there he was shaking but never one time made a bark or sound at anyone. im happy now !!
Yay! What good news! Nemo is such a good boy!
I'm so glad for you that Nemo has adjusted to the carrier! :p
That is great news Nemo loves his doggie purse. How big is your purse? My aunt and grandmother were in NY and just picked me up another one that is a bit smaller than the Bali bag. I think Harley is going to feel a little bit more secure in this one :)

Thats an AMAZING price! is it good quality??
Yes I bought the same kind but from a deifferent person. Yes I wish it had a bigger pocket for my things. One bad thing though is the side where they poke there head through doesnt close to where you can totally hide them if needed :( I think im going got get another one too soon where I can hide him if needed. But for the price im happy with it.
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