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nemochi [[Sarah]] lol

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lol hey Sarah
You no I gave you that stitch thing that time for your siggy? Well when I found these I couldnt resist for your soon to-be little Ariel lol admin will have to increase your siggy size so you can fit everything in! lol

Dont worry if you dontwant to use them, just couldnt help but show ya! :wink:
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awwww those are sooo cute :D wow u do spoil me Steph hehe, I'll save them and hopefully if I get a little girl I'll use one of them awww cute
if you are not using them in time , i will !!!! (just kidding) those are so cute !!

kisses nat
lol natalie i see yours and Paris's name everywhere, If I see anything i'll let you no lol!

Glad sarah :oops: no more candy this week lol
Steph if u find any with Bambi on send them my way cos thats what I'm gonna call a boy :p ooo I am so sad with my disney names. Stitchy is home this weekend yay!!! I'm gonna get him either sat or sun :D
nemochi said:
Steph if u find any with Bambi on send them my way cos thats what I'm gonna call a boy :p ooo I am so sad with my disney names
GOT IT! :wink:
I lurrrve when bambi says BIIIRRRDDD! LOL Stitch is home so soon! :D

Kat- I find them on different doll sites lol I love nosy-ing around them and knicking their goodies lol :wink:
I found really cute piglet whinnie tigger

and a girl in pink walking a pink poodle!

I can find most stuff lol I just dont make it. I can find most glitter names -letter- images. wow I can find loadsa images! Kat want me to find you anything? :D
Awww those are cool Stef.
Nemochi that is so cute you're calling your girl Ariel!
I like the Disney names, I very nearly called Lexi Bambi even though she's a girl. It was before Paris called her Bambi, Bambi too. She obviously saw my ideas for names on the forum and copied them :roll: :wink:

When are you getting another boy?!
well the litter is due in Oct soooo I dunno what I'm gonna get yet :D I get to choose sooo I'm just gonna pick the puppy I really want, I've reserved a girl but I can change my mind if I see a boy I really like:) plus hey if one looks like my Nemo I will be so tempted.
Me three!
I normally prefer the smoothcoats, but believe me if I was ever offered a little longcoat like little Nemo i'd definitely accept.
Hey had to use the oppertunity to post pics the little angel stud himself :p I really do hope one of the pups looks like my little guy
Beautiful pictures,nemo was gorgeous,it sounds like you have a lovely breeder too and i love all the disney names too,areil is a cute name!
wow thats wierd- when you posted pics of him- his siggy didnt come up :? hes watching us :D I havent seen that first pic of him- hes lovely!
I found almost every disney character now. Hey sarah if you ever bred they could be disneys chis! :D I found 5 massive ariels in big glitter lol Ill save them to my comp anyway. Loadsa tinks and other disney characters and literally any pic in glitter! cats hearts roses words ect... :D
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