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Nesting/resting :)

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Well we get our baby girl Friday morning! And I feel like I'm nesting! My best friend when she was pregnant she did things like nest and when she wAs about to have her son she slept like 24/7, my mom says its because ur bodies yelling u you need rest for the new baby! Well I think that's is napping to me for my new baby chi!mme and Dottie have been napping two days in a row we don't ever nap! And her and I have been cleaning preparing or weeks makes my laugh! I cannot have children so maybe this is my bodies/ minds way if telling me I'm ready! Lol!:p
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well is that is called nestin then ive been gettin ready for yrs for the nwxt pup :lol: congrats!
Awwww how exciting, hope we get updates on Friday.
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