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neutering at 4 months?

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ok , i have posted another topic 'riding at 4 months' where i said cosmo humped another puppy.......i understand this is probably a dominance thing,
but now he already did it twice with paris :shock: :shock:

would it be wrong to have him neutered now? he's 4 months and a week, weighs 5 pounds (big boy :D ....just checked him) and i felt his testicles and i think i feel 2 (almost sure....i'm not a vet :wink: )

i really don't want any accidents with paris, she's too tiny for childbaring, she's 4 months and a half and 2 pounds. and they stay at home when i go for work unsupervised (only during lunch my bf is home)

kisses nat
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I would go to your vet i cant see why they couldnt do it a little early due to this problem :wave:
Wow, I'd sure be concerned about Paris too. Do check with your vet.

You're not ready to be a grandma just yet. :D
I'll bet they'll do it now. My doctor said anytime for Frasier when he weighed 5 lbs. We waited untill my Spring break though - which put him at 6 months.

I read an article about the pros/cons of the shelters neutering so early (some even at 3 months). According to what I read, research is showing 4 months to be okay, but many doctors prefer the "old" way of waiting untill 6 months. I can't remember where I read this so I don't know how reliable of a source it was. I think you should just go to your vet and find out.
I would call the vet. Usually they have to be 5months to be neutured (usually the next thing you do after they get their rabies shot for the first time)
Let us know what the vet says!
My vet explained to me that pups even as young as 8 weeks have been getting neutered. This usually occurs at the animal shelters. So I don't see why not. However, she still recommends to wait until 5 to six months.
i agreed with my vet , that we would wait another month......
paris has no chance of getting pregnant yet.....phew :D
thanks for your great advice.....

kisses nat
thank god.... poor paris... I would be scared for her too...

Good luck...

You could always try those doggie diapers for her...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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