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neutering pros/cons

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hey guys....what are some pros and cons of neutering?
what should i expect if i dont neuter bobo? and vice versa..
will he hump and mark if i do neuter him?

whats the average cost of neutering anyhow?

thank you !!

he's my first baby<333
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I am torn as to whether or not I want to neuter Wiz. But I am leaning towards it because at 7 weeks he is ALREADY humping legs. I figure it can only go downhill from here. A couple of times a day he will get on my brother's leg and go to town with my brother saying that he feels "violated" afterward, :lol: My only concern is that I am interested in possibly showing him so I am going to wait until that 5 month mark to decide for sure.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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