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Never feed you dog Grapes, it will turn out to kidney failure. You better ask your Vet and he will explain it to you better than I ever could.

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Oh Gosh....I didn't know this!
I am glad I never thought about giving them to my dogs!

This is what I've found:
I'm glad I never gave any to Mr. Peepers. He loves fruit and veggies. I'm going to tell everyone I know with dogs.
The same goes for Raisins! Do not feed raisins to your pup!!! They are just as toxic as grapes.
I have also been told this by my vet. Something in grapes and grape products can cause kidney failure.

What is good for your pups include the following
-Eggs (cooked!!!!!)

I am sure there are much more to add to the list but that is what I know off the top of my head. Blueberrys being especially good for your pups. We buy a bag of frozen blueberrys and give them some as a treat.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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