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new babies

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I am getting 3 new pups! One is from my litter and 2 from my moms. The black and white one is flip, he is a runt and walks a bit funny as he was near dead when born. The fawn is poppy, the dark one is zoe.
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OMG They are ultra cute and adorable. :p So glad the gorgeous little black & white one survived - what a special angel he must be. :angel5:
They are adorable ! Flip is certainly one lucky little fellow...too cute !
Aw, they are precious! Post more pictures soon. Are they all the same age?
Omg!! How lucky are you to get 3 adorable puppies at once? They are just too cute for words!
Three adorable babies I am so glad flip made it :D
oh wow they are all adorable - but flip is so precious :D
Wow what gorgeous babies....I am soooo jealous!! :D :wave:
Wow three at one time!
You're so lucky, they're really cute little pups! I like Poppy :D
flip is actually one week older than the dark one and around the same age as the fawn one. He is nursing a little so I wont bring him home for a few more weeks. I actually might bring the fawn one home in the next week or two. She is a pistol too!
I couldn't do that ... my head would explode from cuteness overload. I'm serious... it would just burst.
omg lucky one!!! i'm sooooooo jealous

kisses nat
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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