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New baby (puppy) at home

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My name is Tammy. I just brought home a sweet 7 week old puppy. This is my second Chihuahua, but this one is much younger than my first one. We named him King Tut. I would like to post a picture of him but not sure where. I have two chilidren a 5y and 2 y and they both love him and want to hold him alot. I really thought he should have stay at home for a few more weeks, but the owner was selling them(3 pups) today.
Thank you for your time.
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Welcome! You can post pics of him in the pictures section of the forum. :D :wave:
Thank you everyone
i have posted his pic on the pic board.

:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:
Hi there. I hope you enjoy your stay here. And I hope you enjoy your chi baby as much as absolutely possible. I got my baby girl, Binki, at 8 weeks. I really wish she would have had more time with her momma, but she's just precious.
Hi :wave: I just wanted to say HI!! I am new to and just wanted to say HI :D
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

yes we would love to see pics!
Hi :wave:

I got my Charlie at 8wks and he did great. I was able to do a lot of socialization early...though you might want to wait until he adjusts to being at home first. :)

Hello & welcome I agree with you the breeder should not sell them till 10 to 12 weeks but I am glad you got one if she is selling them that young. :wave:
How easy it to littler box train a Chi or is best to pad train ?
Hi Everyone. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome.
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