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new baby question... only 9 weeks old

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I just picked up my new baby girl Lola today. She adjusted very quickly to my two other dogs. Maddie and Emma. They all adore each other. My only question is.. Lola is very small and she was on the couch saw her sisters fly off the couch and ran after them. She took a big fall on the hardwood floor. Its not that far of a drop but I'm still really scared. After she fell she cried and whined for a bit but she stopped after I picked her up and held her. She fell asleep after that. Should I be as worried as I am or should I just watch her more carefully? She doesn't seem to be crying any longer so...??
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You should definitely watch her more carefully, she is to young to jump off the couch right now. As for how she is I would say if you are worried that she is hurt at all take her to the vet to get checked, but if you think she is okay just watch to make sure she acts normal.
yes, you should watch her more carefully. if she starts limping and/or whining, i'd take her to the vet. she's so small and no matter how big or small a jump is, it could really hurt her. :(

welcome to the forum and good luck with your chi baby! :D
Well first off, welcome to chihuahua people! You'll have a lot of fun on this site, there are a lot of great people and cute chis! Also congrats on getting your baby! I'm happy that she is adjusting well and I hope you have tons of fun with him in the future like I know you will :D

You should definately monitor your baby a lot! Toy breeds are so fragile and require so much gentleness that they need constant survelliance. Be careful with her like I know you will try to be^.^You seem like a very caring mother so if you see any changes in her behavior or complaining or sings that she's hurt, take her to the vet straight away because she could be seriously hurt! Good luck with your baby and I hope to see some piccies soon! :wave:
Hi and Welcome!

I totally agree with what everyone has said so far.

I can't wait to see pics of your new baby so please post some.


:D Thank you everyone for the help! I will put up pics as soon as I can..
Hello & welcome I am so glad your baby wasn't hurt Can't wait to see pics :wave:
Hi and welcome.. I hope your baby is ok... pictures please.. and alot of them....
I have wooden floors too and Gizmo fell right on his nogin after trying to jump on the couch...I was so scared because he fell right on his head..and he has a soft spot so I freaked...and he freaked...

He learned his lesson though...he doesn't try to jump on or off the couch now...

Congratulations on your new baby!! And a big WELCOME! :D
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