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New Chi-Min Pin Mix

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Hi everyone!
I'm new here and just found this forum. It looks like a fun place!
I have a 5 month old male chihuahua min pin mix. Hope it's ok to have mixes here. His name is Banditt and we can't wait to meet new friends!
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:wave: Hey! Welcome! Sure, it's okay!! Be sure to post pics of your little cutie soon. :wave:
Hello & welcome Love to see pics of your baby Of course you are welcome :wave:
OF COARSE they are welcome! Welcome to the forum!!! ;)
welcome!!!!!!! :wave: i don't discriminate. but i do want pics!
Welcome from Lori and Minka :wave:
welcome ....please post some pics :wink:

kisses from me,paris ,cosmo and vienna !!

WELCOME glad to have u here, your baby must be a cutie! :wave:
:wave: Tiki and Lola say HI Bandit and Bandit's mom!*sniff*Welcome! *sniff*sniff*--some people on this forum do'nt even have chi's--We all just love the breed and are animal lovers in general :D Oh yeah, we want pictures,too :wink: the people here are just a little pic obsessive :wink: in a good way of corse :wink:
Hi and welcome! :wave: Sure, mixes are just fine with us. We are not a snooty bunch in the least. Just be sure you post lots of pics! :lol:

People who don't even own Chis are welcome! I , also, have a chi mix (I think) and don't have clue really what is in him! Cody is a rescue and came in as a stray so I guessed him as a chi terrier mix. He is the black and tan guy in my siggy.

Very nice to meet you!!

Hope your really enjoy our fun here as much as everyone else!!!

Hi to Banditt!!!!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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