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New chi mom

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I have just bought a chihuahua baby girl, and now i cant stop surfing the net for information.
I have to pick her up at the kennel the 5th of January, and i can hardly wait.
It is lovely to see that there are other chihuahua "fanatics" in the world :p.
I live in Denmark and here the breed have not become super popular yet,
so i have to buy collars and stuff like that on ebay.
Looking forward to be a part of chihuahua people...
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:wave: WELCOME ROSA! and... :shock: OMG, that's more than a month to wait!!! :D :D hopefully everything goes great, if you get pictures we would definetly like to see them and ready to climb up the walls waiting for your chi..they're too cute to wait for :D :wave:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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