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New chi mom

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I have just bought a chihuahua baby girl, and now i cant stop surfing the net for information.
I have to pick her up at the kennel the 5th of January, and i can hardly wait.
It is lovely to see that there are other chihuahua "fanatics" in the world :p.
I live in Denmark and here the breed have not become super popular yet,
so i have to buy collars and stuff like that on ebay.
Looking forward to be a part of chihuahua people...
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I did the same thing! When I got my chi, I couldn't stop surfing, but honestly when I found this sight, it answered all my questions and we are like a big family. Everyone is so sweet, especially me :wink: and you will love it here!! Is Rosa your real name? I think it is very pretty. Anyway, WElCOME!! :D
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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