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Hi all,

I have an 11 week old female chihuahua named Frankie. She is a stunning black tri colour little girl who weighs around 1.8 pounds. I also own an old lady rescue chi named Harlo.

As adorable and loved as Frankie is, she is driving me and Harlo around the bend at the moment and some reassurance would be appreciated. I'm wondering if it is normal for a chihuahua puppy to be hyperactive? She is constantly biting at me and Harlo and won't sit still for too long before she is tearing around the house at full speed. I'm also struggling to toilet train her.

I had a chihuahua puppy 12 years ago and she was fairly "normal" in that she was happy to sit in my lap and rest and occasionally play but not in a rough manner.

If anyone could let me know their experience with chihuahua puppies and their temprement that would be great.
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