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New chi owner, Baby sleeps constantly! ok?

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I just purchased a Chihuahua 2 days ago, she is 6 wks old, Tri colored and SWEET....but I have a couple concerns on her...and thought I'd start here prior to making an emergency Vet appt! (She'll be there in 3 wks for a once over and her 1st shots, but want to make sure it's ok to wait that long)

She seems to sleeps a lot, she'll get up for about 5 min to play, potty eat, drink..but then goes right back to sleep, is this normal baby activity?

also, I've read that Chi's should have level backs, but she seems to have an arch toward her rump (she looks like she's getting ready to hunch over and poop all the time) should she have an arch in her back like that?

and finally she does not have very good balance. (like a baby learning how to walk, which could very well be what it is...but with the other issues I'm a little concerned)

Please help calm my nerves and let me know if this is common for her age or if I should get her to the vet.

when she's awake she's very alert and playful, clumsy but alert. and she doesn't seem to have a fever..and does eat and drink well.

Also...what is the normal "age" to separate babies from their moms? do you think 6 wks was a bit soon for this person to sell off the babies? She is eating just fine...but seems very dependent still.

TIA for all your help!!
and HELLO!! :wave:

I'll attach her picture! I haven't named her yet... for some reason nothing is jumping out at me!! usually I tend to name my animals so easily! so I'll be hanging out in the name section for a while!! :)
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Never had a chi so young but the thought of hypoglycemia( low blood sugar) comes to mind, i would try nutrical or similar and let the vet have a look at her now just to make sure!
Six weeks is a bit young to be away from her mom - ideally, they should stay with their mom till at least 8 weeks, preferably 10 if they are really small.

Small pups do sleep a lot, but since you have other concerns as well, perhaps you should have your vet check her over soon just to be safe. One of the things to watch out for in these small pups when they are very young is hypoglecimia. The nutrical is a good idea. If you dont have any you can get it at almost any pet store, but in the meantime, some Karo syrup or honey mixed with a little water would be o.k. It certainly won't hurt to give her some.

The clumsiness is probably just because she is a young pup. Don't know about the hump in her back, but you can have the vet check that as well.

Welcome to the forum - you can get a lot of helpful advice here. :wave: - Lynn
Welcome! I hope your baby isn't hypoglycemic- sleeping constantly is one of the symptoms. Then again, all babies sleep alot! :D
I hope everything is okay. :wave:
PS: she's a darling!!
I agree with everything chimom said - alls left too say is welcome to you both :wave:
I don't know a darned thing about chi puppies but I do know cuteness when I see it! What a sweet lil love bug!!! :love7:
Thanks for the help! I Have my husband in town getting me some nutrical right now! And I'll be at the Vets Monday just to ease my mind!

I've always had large dogs, she is my first small breed, I've always been partial to Rottweilers, but after loosing my Rottie a year ago to old age, I decided I didn't really want another large dog right started looking into Chihuahua's after meeting one in a parking lot one day.....and when I saw this little girl with the 'rottie' coloring....I knew she was meant for me!

I've only had her for 2 days now...but what a delight! She is so loving....and affectionate!! I KNOW I'm going to LOVE this breed and this sweet little girl...I may never go back to the large breeds after this experience!! :)

PS....after looking through some of the websites listed on the name board, I found the name "Margarita" under the Mexican girl names....and thought of "Rita" for her!!

So thanks for the welcoming of me and my Rita! :)
Since everyone has already answered your questions and concerns and you are getting the nutrical and going to the vet I just want to say Hello & welcome. Rita is a cute name and she is adorable :wave:
Your chi is very cute! my Chihuahua Deano is 2 years old, and he sleeps quite alot after general activity is quite alot for a small dog of his kind, they do seem to get tired quite easily. Now and again he will jump up and begin playing again but i do agree you should leave them with there mum till they are 8 weeks old, well so i have read, maybe you should just get the vet to check him pover just to put your mind at rest! :wave:
oh i think molly suits you babys name, just an idea thats all! :wave:
Thanks! Molly is a cute name...actually one of the many I had considered!

I gave her just a little bit of the Nutrical last night, and then again this morning, and it really has made a huge difference! she seems more alert when playing, (more active play) and I can see it in her eyes where before she had a pretty lithless look to her face, I think leaving her mothers milk this young made her miss out on some very important nutrients!

(She also woke up this morning at 2:30 am, wide awake and wanting to play!)

I am SO glad I found this site and got the great advice of the nutrical! Thanks again! :notworthy:
I am so glad she is doing better! Please let us know what the vet has to say. - Lynn
Welcome! :wave: Your chi baby's adorable! BTW My chis name is Molly! :D You'll get alot of advice and name ideas and stuff on here! :)
I'm really glad your baby's doing better, DeAnna!! :wave:
i'm glad she's feeling better!! she's so adorable

kisses nat
You did the right thing!

Listlessness, lethargy, lack of balance are all classic symptoms of hypoglycemia. Even if your pup is eating, it may not be eating much, so keep a close watch and make sure the meals are on a regular basis.

I prefer Karo syrup because it's pure sugars, doesn't expire, and it's for human use as well =) I don't think Nutracal would taste good with my coffee! :D

Welcome to the boards, your pup is adorable.
Welcome!! Your little Rita is adorable!!! I'm glad you found this site and are asking questions...I am also a first time chi owner and I know there are so many helpfull people on this site. :wave:
Glad the nutracal helped. Hypoglycemia is a big problem with many chi babies. She sure is a cutie. Post more pics of her soon.

I agree with Ilovesaddie. I prefer Karo syrup for this disorder in chis because of the pure sugar. I have a sweetie (Zoie) who needs the extras. I will get down on my hands and knees during feeding time to make sure she is eating and will finger feed her which she just luvs (canned food and Karo). She is 11 weeks old and does not weigh a pound yet. The rest of her bros and sis are well over 2lbs now.
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