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New Chi owner from Texas!

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Hello, yesterday I became the owner of a chihuahua. I have two boxers, but use to have a little chihuahua mix. Well, last week we passed a little chihuahua on a busy highway near our home. I asked my husband to stop to pick him up so he would not get hit, but we were going to fast and it was too dangerous to stop. Well, my husband was waiting to meet this guy yesterday for some contract work he was doing at the animal shelter here, and got bored so he looked around. Well, the little guy was there. The chihuahua was very scared of everyone there (he had been there over a week), but they let him out to run around and he immediately took to my husband, following him all around. So the dog came home with us. We are guessing he is about 4 to 6 years old, but know nothing else about him. He seems to be a bit aggressive (I think out of fear) toward my other dogs, but has not tried to bite them. He is also not housebroken and I don't think he knows anything (no training whatsoever). He is on the thin side and I think he might have broken a rib a long time ago because it kinda juts out strangely. He is a sweet little dog and really loves my husband. Anyway, I will be asking tons to questions as I have no clue how to train such a little guy who is a bit on the older side.
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Hi, just a comment on the rib sticking out. My tiny two both have this sticking out bit from their rib cage its only small and is on opposite sides to each other,i have no idea why as one was a rescue and one was from my breeder friend, anyway nice to meet you.
Aw now he was meant to be with you NO DOUBT!!!!!! You came to the perfect place to get all the info you need on your new baby! Did u pick a name for him yet?

Poor thing- I am sure he will adjust as you have two other dogs for him to learn from..Thanks for taking him in!!

WELCOME :wave:
Welcome and thanks for rescuing the little guy :wave:
hi and welcome!!! glad you rescued your little baby!
:wave: Welcome !! I am glad he found you! Cant wait to see some pictures!
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your lil fella. Welcome to the group! :wave:
Hi nice to meet you.

I am glad you found this little one.. he really needed you :)
welcome :wave:
Sullysmum-I was debating whether the rib had been broken or was just kinda deformed. It is just on one side, like the very end/bottom of the last rib is sticking outwards and you can see the bump about the size of a nickel poking out. Doesn't seem to hurt him, though, I was really just more curious about it than anything. Is that how your pups are, just on both sides or is it different?

I am taking him to the vet probably wednesday to see if they can give him a checkup and maybe give me a better idea of how old he is. I am also very nervous because the shelter doesn't do heartworm tests, so we don't know about that yet and I am going to have him tested. We live in a small town and alot of the dogs are outdoor dogs that don't receive vet care or stay on heartworm prevention, so I am a little worried seeing as we have tons of mesquitoes here. He doesn't have a name yet, either. I always take almost a week to come up with one, but have been searching Oh, and he went all day today without growling at my other dogs, hurray! :lol:
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Hello and Welcome :hello2:

It sounds like he settling right in.
Do take him to the vet and get him checked out.
When you can we would love to see a pic of him!
Hello There :wave: I am so glad this little guy found your family. I definitely agree he was meant to be with you.
Hello there and welcome to this forum..that is such a heart warming story, please post pics! :D :wave:
Hi-Welcome! :wave: That was a great story of how you got your new dog! It was meant to be! :D
Hello & Welcome I am so gald you found each other :wave:
Camilla King said:
Hello there and welcome to this forum..that is such a heart warming story, please post pics! :D :wave:

Yes please post pictures my valentine would love to see them!
I posted a picture of him in the pictures section, but it is the same one that is on my avator. I am going to take more soon. We went for a check up today. I am so excited to say that he is heartworm free! The vet said the rib is a normal thing for some dogs. He wieghs 8.2 pounds but could stand to gain about another pound or so. He didn't like his visit (especially not the part where they took blood or looked in his ears), poor guy. When we were leaving I opened the door to go out and he walked into the little glass window thing beside the door because the glass must have confused him. It was a rough day for him.
Awww poor guy, I bet he was embarressed LOL.
Tomorrow will be better.
And the good news is he is healthy. Hip hip horray!
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