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New Chi owner in Canada - rescue from California

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Hello everyone,
Came across this forum and I have already found lots of helpful tips and advice. I very recently adopted a Chihuahua from a high-kill shelter in California. I am on Vancouver Island where there is a huge demand for small dogs so there are several rescue groups bringing these dogs up which is fantastic!!! Pairing dogs in need with people actively looking for them its a great idea.
The shelter called her Jazzy but she has no name yet.. she was a stray and they figure she is about a year old but doesn't respond to it which is good because I'm not crazy on the name. I am open to any suggestions! She has the sweetest personality which is incredible if you see her condition... she is so thin you can see all of her bones and it's heart breaking :( I went to the store I get the food for my 5 year old yorkie at and put her on a puppy diet that the woman recommended because it has higher calories/fat content. I am open to any suggestions on ways to bring her weight back up to a healthy level!
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Beautiful girl. Be sure to supervise her when she is outdoors as those large predatory birds on Vancouver Island will view her as a tasty snack.
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