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New Chi Owner

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Hi everyone. I just recently acquired a new chihuahua puppy and am new to this site. The most important thing I have to say is I need HELP! I have always found Chis to be totally cute but didnt know exactly what I was getting myself into until I got mine. I always knew they were a little hardheaded and a little more difficult to train but I didnt know they were THIS difficult. Ive done all of the homework I can possibly stomach about Chihuahuas and now I want to talk to actual owners. So the basis of this post is to warn you that I am going to be asking tons of questions in the tiring quest to learn about my dog. So thanks for your interest!
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Hi and welcome! :wave:

I've never had a chi puppy so I can't help you but you will get tons of practical information, not to mention moral support, in this Forum.

You have any pictures to post? We love pictures. :D
:wave: Hi and welcome Weeping

We are all here to help you in anyway we can :wink:
WELCOME! :wave:
ask away but........the old posts cover alot check them out
Welcome! :wave:
Hello & welcome Chi's can be a little stubborn. But worth it :lol:
hi and welcome.... they can be stubborn but they are avery smart tooo...
Welcome!! I have an 8mo chi and he is my first. I have to admit the first month I was so happy to have him, but at the same time I felt I got in a little over my head as well. But after that initial month of getting to know him and understanding his needs and such, we have both settled down and got into a routine. We took him to dog obedience training and I would highly suggest that. It has helped quite a bit. Anyways, so many people on this site know lots about chihuahua's and nobody minds answering questions!

Welcome - this is a great site and the people so helpful!

I can't wait to see your questions and the answers! I am sure I will be in over my head as well once my puppies get here.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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