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Welcome to you and Bonbon! :wave: God bless you for adopting that little girl. You are already tops in my book for that act alone. She sounds like an angel :angel11: and she's lucky to have you. I have a feeling you're lucky to have her too. That's how it usually turns out. :lol:

It is beyond me how anyone could think of "disposing" of a dog that way, as if she were a bag of trash. I hope there is true justice for those people when their time on earth is done. But as you said, that's for another discussion (though I never pass up a chance to express my outrage at puppy mills and backyard breeders). :angry5:

You might want to try giving her baby food. Right after my Lily had her most recent dental surgery I gave her chicken and broth, turkey and broth and veal and broth. I can't remember which brand but they contain only those ingredients. Lily loved them and I felt so good about getting something nourishing in her.

Can't wait to see pics of little miss Bonbon (adorable name, BTW)!
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