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New Chi Parent. Questions

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So my family finally took the plunge and got a new baby Chi and I have lot's a questions. The first week has been really tough.
For starters, she's 10 weeks, 2 lbs, and short hair, has first round of shots/worming.
1st day: Took her with us to a BBQ and she played with everyone and their kids for several hours. I realize this was a mistake now
1st night: She didn't want food or water. I gave her Nutri Stat periodically. Yipped non stop in the crate and finally stopped. Slept most of the night.
2nd day: She developed diarrhea and still didn't want food/water. Tried 8 different brands. No luck. Went to the vet and she said everything was OK. They gave us Science Diet AD but she didn't really like it.
2nd Night: Woke up several times and could not hold diarrhea long enough. Soiled crate.
3rd Day: Took it easy with her and fed water/food with a syringe.
3rd night: much the same. Diarrhea got worse. Took her to vet on 4th day and she got a hydration shot.
4th Day: Started giving her some Kaopectaid and her stools started to firm. Figured out she likes Science Diet dry small puppy food.
4th night: Still waking up a lot
5th day: Took her to another BBQ but held her most of the time. She did play some with a kitten but had little interest.
5th Night: Woke up honking and snorting. Wouldn't stop. Finally calmed down and I tucked her in real tight. She slept the rest of the night. Could this be an allergy to the cat? Doesn't appear to be kennel cough by what I've read.
6th Day: She's eating and playing and sleeping fine. Still has a soft cough which can turn into a gag when she drinks water or gets excited. Seems like if she gets cold and shivers, it happens too. Does not seem to really affect her mood. Is this reverse sneezing or tracheal collapse or kennel cough? Tracheal collapse is only supposed to affect older dogs and kennel cough seems like it should have more symptoms like fever, etc. Right?
We did mention this to the vet and she didn't seem concerned so I will likely wait a few more days to see if she keeps getting better. She hasn't had another severe honking episode like the first night.
Also, the vet said no unvaccinated dog exposure until 16 weeks. Isn't this too late? I heard 12-16 weeks is critical for socialization
It also sounds like dog diseases can be anywhere on shoes, floors , etc. Am I being paranoid? I'm afraid to take her anywhere but I don't want a stereotypical Chihuahua. So far she seems to like everyone we meet and my two kids. I want this to continue but not at risk to her health.

Sorry for the long email and all the questions but this is our first puppy and first Chihuahua and we don't want to screw anything up.

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first of all welcome...

I'm not sure about the diarreaha or the cough. I hope she gets better soon.. I do know that I have socialized Gadget with people of al ages since he was 3 weeks old.. he loves people.. we have come to realize that if he barks at you and he is wagging his tail then he wants to meat you if he has never seen you before, or he wants you to know he is there for you to talk to and love if he already knows you. I Took him every where with me for the first 5 months of his life.. I still take him with me to most places I go the only 2 stores I don't take him into is Walmart and Costco.... If he is in his bag I will but he stopped liking his bag so I quit using it... I am going to make him a front pack so he can be comfy on my chest like he likes to be but he will be in something and my hands will still be free...

I wouldn't worry too much about sociallizing your little one with people... have fun and enjoy her.. you can take here anywhere withyou just don't put her on the ground until she has all her shots...

hope this helps...
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First of all, welcome to the forum! :p

Is your vet used to vetting Chis and other small breeds? It is good to have a vet that is very familiar with and likes Chis----amazingly, some don't. :(

Until the last set of puppy shots, your furbaby should not be with unvetted dogs, or out playing in parks, walking on the vet's floor or pet store floors. Have people over to your house, or go to theirs----no public grassy areas, etc., for now.

There are some threads on here about reverse sneezing, tracheal collapse and kennel cough. Put these in 'Search' on the forum, and you should come up with good info. My pup has not experienced these, so I cannot speak to the issues. Sorry.

When I first found this forum, I read ALL of the old threads. I learned a lot. There is a gold mine of information here. Dig in---you won't regret the time spent reading them. :)
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Yes they need to be socialized at this age but slowly. One or two people at a time is plenty and no dogs that you don't know for sure are vaccinated and don't let her down outside where other dogs have been.

The diaharrea worries me a bit but it's probably just stress from too much excitement too soon in a new invironment. The vet can diagnose kennel cough easily but it sounds more like a collapsing trachea. Does it help to snuggle her in your arms and stroke her throat?

The diarrhoea worries me too - other than that are there any other problems / symptoms - has she ben wormed ?

Cough does sound like reverse sneezing in the fact that it gets worse when drinking and when shes excited - we have lots of articles in the article section you might be interested in

Regarding vaccinations Im from the UK but I thought it was 2 weeks after the last shot that they could go out - Mine had shots at 8 and 10 weeks and then they cpould go out at 12

Cant wait too see pics of your baby - whats her name ? :wave:
Ozzy&Lily'sMom said:
Regarding vaccinations Im from the UK but I thought it was 2 weeks after the last shot that they could go out - Mine had shots at 8 and 10 weeks and then they cpould go out at 12
I'm in the UK too. Lola had her shots at 8 and 10 wks and my vets say they can safely go out 7 days (1wk) after last injection!? :?

Lucie & Lola :wave:
It's a little different in the US. Our babies get three shots spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart starting when they are 8 weeks old usually. Although some breeders will wait to start them till they are 12 weeks. They can go out a few days after the last shot but even starting them at 8 weeks they are 4-5 months old before we can safely take them out. My vet also refuses to give a chi a rabies shot till they are at least 6 months old.
welcome :wave:

from what i read are handled her very good !! better than other new (first-time) chi owners :wink:

diarrhea can indeed come from stress.....just be sure she keeps eating :wave:

kisses nat
Welcome...sorry your little one is having some problems...
nabi said:
Welcome...sorry your little one is having some problems...
Thanks for all the help. The Diarrhea is almost gone now. She was dewormed last Thursday so that might've contributed. One thing I noticed is her stools are very pale. Could this be from the Science Diet puppy food?

The coughing thing is a little disconcerting but it seems to be improving. Last night she was runing all over the place and going crazy. Through all of that she still didn't cough so I think it's getting better and I still believe that the cat had something to do with it.
Anyway, the only other problem we are having is that she will happily pee on the pad but sometimes the poo is left somewhere else. Thank goodness for hardwood floors
First let me say welcome. :wave: This is a great place to find info and advice, and the suggestion to read the old threads is a very good one. I have had chis off and on all my life, but I have learned SO much on this forum.

You are being a very concerned chi parent. Notice I say "parent" because most of us think of our chis as our babies, and treat them accordingly.

I agree that taking your puppy to a BBQ right after you brought her home was probably a little stressful, combined with the stress of being in a new place with new people. This could very well have contributed to the diarrhea. I would be careful about her being around other animals until she has had all of her shots, and also about allowing her to be on the ground in public places where other animals have been. While it is true that some diseases can by carried in on your shoes, etc., at least you can do what you can to minimize the risks by limiting her exposure. You can take her with you, just be careful about who and what she has contact with.

Good luck, and feel free to ask any questions you have on this forum. We are all more than happy to try to help.
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Welcome!! I agree the stress can cause diarehea, because Chi's are very subject to stress. I fed all of my three Chi's "Eukanuba small Breed Puppy" untill they were about 6months old. They did extremely well on this particular brand. It kept their stools very firm. I did add a little canned Peddigee Puppy to it tho. Two of my Chiuahuas are "Applehead" and they have a terrible problem with "reverse sneezing". It sounds worse than it is, and is very common with Chi's. I sometimes give 1/4tesp. of "Childrens Benadryl" with a dropper and this helps. Be sure and post some pics soon!


I know some people may disagree but you could try giving your chi babyfood for a few months while they are still young. It was my vet that recommended I do this. He said puppy food is to rich for the belly and makes it expand which can cause sickness and tummy upset. Zola use top throw up when he had puppy food but touch wood on the babyfood hes fine and he is crazy for it :lol:

Ive had him almost 2 months and still he poos and pees in the wrong places. Only sometimes mind you. Sometimes he just aims it all wrong. you can blame him for trying tho
Things are getting better. Now she's peeing in the right place but pooing everywhere else. The cough is still there. She did test positive for round worm. Any chance that could be it?
Here's a pic
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