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Hi there! Don't worry, about 80% of dogs with parvo pull through with proper hospitlization and care! I have seen about 20 parvo+ dogs come through our hospital in the last 2 years and only 2 did not make it. Some things you can also do in the meantime:

Make sure you clean up REALLY well after your chi. The parvovirus is shed in the stool, and if you don't disinfect properly (with bleach, dual-quat, or trifectant, etc...), parvovirus can remain indoors for up to one month. Bathing is a good idea to clean off any shed virus (make sure your pup doesn't get cold though!). Recovery will be slower, and any dogs that come over have a risk of infection during this time.

The key to beating parvo is to keep your chi hydrated and it's immune system strong. Eventually your pups antibodies will beat the virus and survive the the sepsis.

You sound like you're doing all the right things and your veterinarian is doing great supplementing WBC's and keeping him on fluids with dex and treating the sepsis with antibiotics (hopefully IV or SQ since orals are less effective for parvo pups).

Good luck, your chi is in my prayers! -Nate
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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