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new chi

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:wave: hello I am new to this site and I just recently received a 3 month old male chi for Christmas. I had a gorgeous cream long haired male over a year ago but when we lived in town my son let the door open and he bolted across the street and was killed. I was devastasted and realized just how much I loved him when he was gone. I had never been a pet person and somehow he changed my life. Now I own a daschund/chi mix and my new 3 month old male who's name is scrappy. My question is this.. He was kept outside in a kennel and since I got him he is not very socialable. He acts like he's afraid of being hit or hurt or something He wont come to you and runs,etc.etc. but when he is with my other dog named scooby he acts like a playful little dog? If he is kennel shy and hand shy how long does it take to rehabiltate him to being playful with me and my family? Also, needing advise on floppey ears. I just started keeping him on a leash beside me at all times and it seems to be making some progress. if I have been keeping him crate trained every nite why does he still eliminate in his house anyway? Does the litter box training work well and how? My last chi was a nightmare to potty train.
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Hello! I just wanted to say WELCOME!! :)

But I think you probably just have to gain his trust. If he was kept in a cage and not socialized with a lot of people then chances are it's going to take a little while for him to know that you won't hurt him. Since he's probably really small, he's already scared that someone might step on him or something. Try giving him treats when you want him to come to you. Lina was a little scared of my bf when we first got her, but he just sort of let her come to him and he also gave her treats...a lot lol Now she loves him and she loves other people too :) It'll just take time. That's just my opinion though, I'm not an expert :) I'm pretty new to chi owning too.
I think it will just take sometime for him to get used to you and realize you are not going to hurt him. Especially if he wasn't exposed to people much :roll:
:wave: Hello and welcome!! I am sorry to hear he was abused. That is so sad :(
hi and welcome I agree with what everyone says just take one day at a time and just let him come around in his own time - he will soon trust you :wave:
WELCOME :wave:

it will take some time, I had a similar situation. It will takes lots of love and patience. Sounds like you are on the right track. :D
Hi, nice to meet you. I agree w/ everyone. It's going to take time and patience and understanding for what was done to him in his past. I wish you both the best of luck. :)
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you found us.
I know you'll get some good advice here.
hi and welcome! I found my chi (or he found me :) ) at a shelter. I have been going through a similar situation, trying to learn what dogs Oliver will play with and what ones he will growl at. It just takes time. Plus we will see some random person on the street whom Oliver just doesn't care for and his hair will stand on end. The best thing to do is have patience, especially when the dog may have come from not the best of backgrounds. Good luck!
Welcome :wave: Good luck on socialising your new Chi!
:wave: Hi and welcome. I like your doggie's names. :)
As far as potty training, I have had good success with a litter box and Purina Good News litter. Others here like the potty pads. Whichever way you go, make sure you praise him alot when he goes where he is supposed to go. Some catch on quick and others take months.

I'm sorry about your other poor chi. :(
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