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New Chi!

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Hi everyone! My name Is Mel & Chi Chi & I are new around here & I want to know how you guys made those cool animated pics of your chis ( like Ozzys mom & Rufus). That is so cool! 8)
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:wave: :wave:

You can put a request in at the siggy section. Introduce yourself in the Newbie section so everyone can meet you!
Hello and welcome!!

So glad to have you here!!
Hi and welcome :wave:
Hi and welcome to you!!! I will have to look, but did you post a pic of Chi Chi?? We love pics!!! Glad you are here!! :D
Hello and welcome! I'd love to see some pics of Chi Chi! Kurrazie made my siggy and Vala444 also makes them beautiful too. Right now it's Christmas time so they might not be able to get to do it until after the holidays. Like Kemo's mamma said, put a request in the siggy section. :)
Vala made my siggy. I love all the siggy's it makes the forum so colorful. Welcome, glad to have another chi lover
Welcome to the board! :wave:
I hope you enjoy it. :)
Hi there and welcome. Kurrazie kindly made my siggy...look forward to seeing yours soon! :wave:

I have tried to post pics of Chi Chi but it says mine are too big & I dont know how else to get them on here. HELP! :dontknow:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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