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New Chihuahua mommy...just some questions.

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Hi, my name is Heather and my hubby and I just adopted a 7wk old Chihuahua last Saturday. We named him Corky. He has had a rough time of it but is on the mend I think. I just wanted to see if anyone had any other tips for me to make him feel better.

He is a small little guy 1lb and was taken from him mommy way to early and put in a pet store. When we got him he was infested with worms. We took him in for a physical on Monday and got him dewormed. He has already had his first round of shots on 6/28 (he was born on 5/15).

By Monday night he was not hungry, had diahrrea, not drinking, and had some blood in his stool. I had him tested for Parvo Tuesday and it was negative. Finally Tuesday afternoon I had to take him in and get some fluids put in him. He would only eat babyfood so we gave him that. The vet gave us some Rebound to put in him for fluids (it is like doggy gatorade). Tuesday was bad, he hurt and was lethargic. The vet said the worms and medicine had upset his tummy and the blood was from the worms detaching from his intestines and he bleeds a little bit. He was passing so many worms beginning Monday night and through last night.

I had his stool tested for parasites yesterday. Because it was diahrrea, it was hard to get a good sample for them. They did test what I brought and there was none in that stool. Once he solidfies I am going to take another sample in for better testing.

By last night he was feeling more alert and wanted to play. He ate some Hill Science Diet wet food with a smear of baby food heated up. He really liked that. His stool is still runny but I think that is from all of the baby food he has eaten. Now that he is liking the wet food, I am hoping that will help solidify things.

He still doesn't have an interest in drinking but I am not sure if he knows how really. He doesn't understand the lapping concept. Do you think a rabbit water feeder would help? We have been giving him the Rebound with a needleless syringe to keep him hydrated.

He has made a vast improvement and the worms are less and less. There were none this morning and the blood has kinda diminished to a watery version, not red spots. He is alert and hungry.

I just want to see if anyone has any suggestions to make sure he continues to get better. Also do you think the wet food will help solidfy his stools or is there something else I can do. The vet doesn't want to push him right now with lots of things because he is so small and had such a rough few days. She said as long as he is eating and we are making sure he is hydrated, she said any improvement is good. He got pretty bad...

Thanks in advance!

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You could see if he'll eat ice or lick an ice cube. Marcus likes ice cold water but refuses to drink any water at room temperature. Poor baby, I wish pet stores wouldn't buy from puppy mills. Keep us updated.
First of all changing him around with the different foods is going to continue to upset his tummy, right now his intestines are stripped of good flora, so if you can find Primal Defense by Garden of Life smash one of those and put in his food everyday. The other kinds you may get your hands on (Probiotics) will not make it to the intestine - it cannot survive the acids and what nots until it gets to the lower intestine where it is needed. If your concerned about my holistic advice my vet approved of it. its completly harmless and will not cause any adverse reactions......this will help heal the intestine and solidify the waste. I would personally go to boiled chicken and rice (not minute rice) real rice with chicken broth. The wet food will give him the liquids so that will help - as will feeding the other food.

That is a shame that he has to go thru this....I am sure he will be ok. He sounds like he is showing signs of improvement. Keep us posted on what happens :wave:

You can always syringe water in him do it in the side of the mouth to prevent choking
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Poor little thing. He has had a rough few days, but thank goodness he is with someone who cares for him and is concerned about his health. Am really glad you got him to the vet right away, because when they are that young and tiny, they can crash on you very quickly.

The chicken and rice is an excellent idea, and you should have no problem getting him to eat it. That is my old standby remedy when Jasmine is sick, or just doesn't eat all day.

Please keep us posted on his progress - and welcome to the forum. :wave: Look forward to seeing pics of your new baby.
That poor baby First and foremost is taking care of him. and it seems as if you are donig the best you can with the reccomendations you are given. I am glad he is getting better. Keep nutrical On hand at all times should he crash and go hypo on you. Secondly, I hope the pet shop is taking care of the vet bills. Please dont ever buy from a petshop again!
Heather, I am so sorry about Corky, he must be feeling so bad!

I think the rabbit water feeder would be a great idea, I have seen small Chis is some puppy stores drinking that way. The ice is also a good idea. If he really isnt drinking you could try giving him a few drops of water from a syringe, but That might not be a good idea just yet because it might stress him out.

I agree with KB momma about not changing his food so much. I know for a fact that changing a dogs food makes their tummy be upset. I dont have many suggestion, umm just give him all the love you can so he feels better and so he wont be so stressed out.

I really do hope he gets better. Good luck and keep us posted.

You can also dip your finger in the water bowl and let Corky lick it off your finger. Every time you do it, get your finger closer and closer to the bowl until you have your finger in the water when he goes to lick it off. At least, that's how I taught Cooper to lap water out of a bowl .. the breeder just had those rabbit water bottles and he had no clue how to drink from a bowl.

Good luck with your new baby - I hope he gets to feeling better soon!
Welcome to our forum. :wave: I'm so sorry Corky is off to such a rough start. Poor lil baby. Sounds like he's improving but you must still be worried sick. You seem to be doing all the right things though. Keep us posted and please post some pics when things calm down. :)
i'm not sure about puppies, but i know that to firm up stools, we give our chi zoey plain (not pie filling) pumpkin. this also works for constipation. the ice cubes are a good idea.. so is the rabbit dropper. you just need to experiment and see what works. and definitely keep some nutrical- or nutristat on hand to ward off hypoglycemia.

good luck with little corky!! and welcome! :wave:
Hello & welcome I am sorry your new baby has had such a rough time and am glad he got taken home by someone who is obviously taking good care of him It sounds like he may be improving. I can't add much to the good suggestions you have gotten about chicken & rice and keeping nutrical on hand . I would even give him a small squeeze to lick of your finger each day. Good luck and post some pics :wave:
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