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New Chihuahua very scared of our dog....

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Hi.... we just got a chihuahua today and he is a year old.
We adopted him from a lady who breeds them.
She ended up keeping him and his sister for awhile longer since they didn't sell right away.
She finally sold the girl last week and now I got the little man. She has 4 other chihuahuas and a sheltie mix and also said she had a rottie that she sadly lost 6 months ago.
So she said my new little man was fine around other dogs and kids.

Well he is fine with me and my kids...very sweet gives us kisses too. But he is very afraid of my dog...I do have a bigger dog a golden doodle.
Whenever my doodle tries to go closer to him to smell him or check him out my Chi growls at him. Then I say no and he stops and looks so scared to me. Even when the little one growls at my big one my doodle shows no aggression towards him.

Tonight the little guy started to walk around very cautiously as I was watching them both together and when my big dog moved a little too fast for him it scared the daylights out of him.... he started running away and screaming like he was getting killed. My doodle did run after him a bit but also would back off too..... He did not bite at him or anything. The little guy screamed like crazy... I was able to finally calm him and he coward in my arms. I feel terrible....Is he going to get use to my doodle and not growl or be scared of him... I know its only the first day but I feel like he will never like him....

Just an FYI...right now I'm in the computer room and my chi is in his crate and my doodle is laying right near me and him. My chi is quiet but watching him constantly.
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Quinn did this with my brothers lab when I brought him home as a puppy. They finally got used to each other. Quinn did this too with my friends boxer mix when I take him to babysit with. It will just take them a little bit to get used to each other.
I would take things slowly ,keep the chi in his crate like you are doing and just let your big dog sniff etc and let them stare at each other so they feel comfortable with each other,i'm sure with time they'll be fine,it's all new to your chi as it's his first day and he doesn't know if your big dog is going to eat /attack him or not
Mine did that too. It only took a few days for them to be best buds.
I got my chi as a puppy so my golden wanted nothing to do with him because he was very very energetic and had sharp teeth!! lol.

They are fine now, a year later. When he got is regular teeth, things improved. They play well together. Now, if I could get the cat to accept him, all will be fine!

Just give them time, they will adjust! The chi probably moves too fast for the golden doodle! lol.
My opinions: I would avoid cuddling or comforting the pup when he acts like that. If he's not actually in trouble, then he needs to learn how to be calm around the big dog. I'd talk nicely to both dogs, stay calm myself, don't pick him up until he's acting better, and only allow them to be close some of the time until he feels more comfortable.

My situation was bringing an 8 week old chi into a house with two adult dobermans. He wasn't scared of them however. His big fears at first were my husband running, and falling off (very small) things. I heard that cry, so I know what you mean. Just give him a minute to compose himself and recover his emotions. He needs to learn how to do this for himself.

With the big dogs, I used gates and crated the pup to allow them to be close but not touching most of the time at first. I did find that they interacted differently when outside than when inside. My male doberman is more scared of the puppy, so he's much better with the pup outside when they are in dog mode - sniffing things and running around.

I guess what I'm saying is this - be careful you don't create a small dog that is possessive of you, his toys, his space, instead of teaching that the whole family is a group. It will take time, but will be so worth it for your family.
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I agree that you should take things slow. Might be a good idea to not leave them alone together unsupervised, until your chi is more comfortable. Also make sure that your chi has a "safe place" that ONLY he can go. I'm sure he'll become more comfortable with your bigger dog, but it will take time. Don't be discouraged!

I wouldn't scold him for growling at your bigger dog. It sounds like he's just scared. Although he has had exposure to a bigger dog in the past, this is a different dog and he just needs to get his bearings and set his own boundaries.
Thank you to everyone who responded.

Benny our chi is doing better... he is still scared of Barney our goldendoodle but he has let him get closer to him now. Benny will come out and walk around a bit when he is out and both dogs will lay on the couch with me.
Benny has his crate that he goes too for comfort and I don't let them be alone together. When we leave the house, Benny goes in his crate and Barney has the run of the place.
I'm sure it will get even better between them with time.

I have a question... Does your Chi eat alot?

Benny hardly eats or drinks.
He will go and take a piece or 2 out of his bowl and a few sips of water every now and then. But thats it.
I figured its because he is still getting use to the place, but was wondering if it was also a Chi thing and that they are just not big eaters.
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