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My opinions: I would avoid cuddling or comforting the pup when he acts like that. If he's not actually in trouble, then he needs to learn how to be calm around the big dog. I'd talk nicely to both dogs, stay calm myself, don't pick him up until he's acting better, and only allow them to be close some of the time until he feels more comfortable.

My situation was bringing an 8 week old chi into a house with two adult dobermans. He wasn't scared of them however. His big fears at first were my husband running, and falling off (very small) things. I heard that cry, so I know what you mean. Just give him a minute to compose himself and recover his emotions. He needs to learn how to do this for himself.

With the big dogs, I used gates and crated the pup to allow them to be close but not touching most of the time at first. I did find that they interacted differently when outside than when inside. My male doberman is more scared of the puppy, so he's much better with the pup outside when they are in dog mode - sniffing things and running around.

I guess what I'm saying is this - be careful you don't create a small dog that is possessive of you, his toys, his space, instead of teaching that the whole family is a group. It will take time, but will be so worth it for your family.
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