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New-Getting First Chihuahua!

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I just posted, but don't know where it disappeared to! Oh well... I am getting an 8 week old chi in about 3 weeks. I already have a dog (she's a cocker spaniel, basset hound, chihuahua mix). I was on another web site, and a woman who responded to my post tried to discourage me from getting a chihuahua. She said they don't get along with other breeds of dogs, and don't like kids. The woman I'm getting him from said she has 2 chis and a german shepard, and they get along well. She also has 5 kids, and the dogs love them. I'm somewhat confused right now, as I don't want to bring a dog home, only to have things not work out. I realize what a new puppy entails, and realize it could very well be a while before the new pup is housebroken. Any info, advice, experiences anyone wants to share will be appreciated. thanks so much!
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First of all- :wave: Welcome!!

Second- personally, my Lina doesn't care much for other breeds of dogs. I've had her around a few and she just doesn't like them. But chis are known (or so I've heard) to only like their own kind. Of course, I believe that any dog will get along well with other dogs (or any animal) if they are exposed to them often and able to interact with them at a young age. That's just my opinion though. Don't listen to people that put down chis the way that lady put yours down. Most people who have told me things like that have never had any interaction with one and just going on what they have heard from other people who do not like the breed. It's bogus. Your chi will probably be just fine when you bring him/her home.

Third- I think that 8 wks is a little young to bring your baby home. I think that most of the people on here who have gotten from breeders had them keep them until they were 10 or 12 wks (I think). I could be wrong though :) I'm no expert. I just repeat what is told to me lol

Anyways- congrats on getting your first chi :) I can't wait to see pictures!!
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It is better to wait till they're older but Marcus came home with me at 8 weeks and did fine. I don't know any other chi owners in my area so Marcus has had to socalize with other breeds and he does fine. He's a bit cautious with bigger dogs till he sees how they are to him but that's sensible. His best friends dog wise are dachshunds, LOL. As far as children go he was raised by a breeder that had children so he likes them. My first chi was raised by a breeder in her late 60's and had never been around small children and he didn't like them. Just as with any other dog it's what they are exposed to.
Welcome!! I got my dog Cooper at 9wks. He has been around my friends dog a shitzu-poodle cross and they are best friends, but that could be because they have been together since they were young. And lately I've found that Cooper warms up to any kind of shitzu or shitzu-cross very quickly, where as other breeds takes him quite awhile. But that could just be his personality.

And He loves loves kids. He is his happiest when he sees little kids.

I think when you get your chi puppy, it will just be used to being around your other dog and will be fine once they establish who is alpha. But I am definately no expert and just giving my opinion.
Hi and welcome! :wave:

My Lily gets along with all kind of dogs at her daycare. Her best friends are a maltese, a west highland terrier, several jack russells, a poodle, a weinerheimer (I have no doubt that is misspelled :lol: ) and a chow chow. And she adores my parents' golden retriever. She's fine with all sizes, all shapes, both genders. It's so funny that the one time we actually encountered another chihuahua while we were out walking one day, they were scared to death of each other. The other chi owner and I couldn't get either of them to stop shaking or even to look at each other. :lol:
I got my chi Tader from my live in boyfriends dad at exactly 8 weeks old as a matter of fact we picked him up at his 8 week visit to the vet. I ve had no problems with him he seemed to adjust really well except he would pee & poop in the bed while you were sleeping in it!! Well hes moved on from that hes now 5 years old {well on may 5th he will be} & pees on the rug where you cant see it. As for other dogs no matter how small he might be{ hes a whopping 9 lbs!!} he is KING I have a 1 year old basset hound mix & he beats her up playfully of course but Id say there good friends.
Hello & welcome My Auggies doesn't like other dogs but he never got to be around any until he was about 8 months old and it was a neighbors 11 yr old pekinese and it didn't like other dogs and charged at him several times :roll: He does love kids and all people :lol:
Sorry I forgot to answer your kid question Tader doesnt seem to like my 2 year old son much but he does protect him & he hates it when he gets sick the baby cries & Tader cries with him not sure if he really loves him unless he has food in his hand then hes like your best friend till its gone
Welcome!! :wave: :)
welcome! :wave: i got my chiwi at about 10 1/2 weeks old. i wish i would have waited a little more. i'm having a terrible time getting her to eat. but some chi's do fine at a young age and some don't...... i would wait until about 12 weeks but that's just me. kinda like if i knew then what i know now....
Thank you!

Thank You everyone :!: What a warm welcome :D I do feel much better after reading all your wonderful posts. I will talk to the breeder and see if I can't wait an extra couple of weeks to get him. I do have another question. is anyone familiar with a RAW diet? I've been reading about it, and it seems interesting. Thanks again folks :wave:
I forgot to say all your pups are ADORABLE :!: I can't wait to get my little guy!

As in not cooked meat, etc? I know some breeders who use ground beef balls, but personally yuck! I just had so many problems with stomachs and all lead back to people food and my furbabies not mixing.

By the way--WELCOME!
Yes, from what I gather, a raw diet is different types of raw meats, poultry, eggs, etc. People who feed their dogs this way swear by it. Just something I'm looking into. Thanks for the welcome. :wave:
Hii and welcome.

I have had Gadget since he was 3 weeks old.. way too young.. I had to bottle feed him. There was no alternative. He has done well. But the first couple days was a night mare with him getting used to us, the new house and the new formual and the bottle thing. after a couple days he started chowing like he had always ate that way and he is now 3 months.

I have taken him every where with me. he likes people of all ages... but he does know the difference between good people and bad people. he really likes kids.

he has seen other dogs from a far but hasn't been around them because he still has another month of his baby shots..

I would wait as long as possible to get your baby. I know it is hard.
I am thankful that I am not working at this time and could care for him around the clock.
good luck with your new baby :) Bella gets along fine with our Terri-poo. we have a resort and lot's of different breeds come to visit and Bella is always OK with them after she sizes them up !! Being 3 1/2 lbs, she has to make sure all visitors know quickly that she is the boss LOL
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