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First of all- :wave: Welcome!!

Second- personally, my Lina doesn't care much for other breeds of dogs. I've had her around a few and she just doesn't like them. But chis are known (or so I've heard) to only like their own kind. Of course, I believe that any dog will get along well with other dogs (or any animal) if they are exposed to them often and able to interact with them at a young age. That's just my opinion though. Don't listen to people that put down chis the way that lady put yours down. Most people who have told me things like that have never had any interaction with one and just going on what they have heard from other people who do not like the breed. It's bogus. Your chi will probably be just fine when you bring him/her home.

Third- I think that 8 wks is a little young to bring your baby home. I think that most of the people on here who have gotten from breeders had them keep them until they were 10 or 12 wks (I think). I could be wrong though :) I'm no expert. I just repeat what is told to me lol

Anyways- congrats on getting your first chi :) I can't wait to see pictures!!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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