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New girl!

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:lol: I have been wanting a chi for years and finally think its about time i got one!!

I am travelling to see a 12 week old smooth coated boy 2moro and am sooo excited!!

Hopefully will get him and will put some pics on here xxxx

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Welcome Jayne, hope you like the little pup!
You'll find this forum really addictive I'm sure! It's full of useful information and really nice people.

Ohhh, how fun!! Hope it all works out - we LOVE Chi pics here!! Keep us posted... & Welcome :wave:
Welcome :wave: Post pics when you get your Chi baby!! :)

Here he is !! I have called him Tyson .. (Big strong dog trapped in a little body!!) :lol:

Gonna put his pic on siggys to see if someone wud b kind enuff to make one 4 me .. i havnt got a clue!
he is gorgeous!where abouts in dorset are you,how far did you have to travel?
Thank-u !
We are near Ringwood just down the orad from bournemouth. Had to travel near bristol to get him wasnt too bad took about 2 hours by the time we had found the place!!! x

awww he's gorgeous! you must love him to bits!
thank-u everyone seems so nice on this site :eek:

Its nice 2 speak to lovely people with the same interests.
Hope me and Tyson can meet some new friends!! :wave:
:wave: Hello Jayne. Welcome! Your chi is terribly cute!! :D
He is a handsome boy good luck :wave: :wave:
Welcome from across the pond ! Your little Tyson is just adorable !
Oh what a beautiful little face! You are sooo going to wonder why you waited for years to get a chihuahua. They're the best!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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