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New here!!

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Hi everyone. I have had my chi since she was 8 weeks and she is now 1 yr 3 months. I just came across this board and am so excited there are others out there who have love for chi's and other dogs as i do. take a look at our webpage my other two babies are on the site and some of our family and friends. :)
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Hey, your Chi is adorable! I LOVE her colouring! But I have a question, is this picture (link) a recent picture of her? And how much does she weigh? She looks small! :)
Those are some cute pics! Your Chinese Crested is soooo cute! I would love one, along with many other breeds :) . Oh yeah, welcome! :wave:
hey, and welcome to the forum! :wave: i have just been on your website and i love those piccies they are so cute expesh the bathtime ones hehe.
so glad that you found us,
sarah x
Those pictures are very cute! I love your Chi! Welcome to the boards! :wave:
:wave: :wave: WELCOME :wave: :wave:

Always glad to have a fellow chi lover with us!! :D
hi and welcome so glad you found us - thanks for sharing those pics they are great :wave:
Thanks everyone, from all of us! Yes those are recent pics, Bella weighs 2.5lbs 3lbs on a good day. I have been trying to get her to gain a little but she's a small girl. She is tough though and can wrestle right along with the other dogs with no problem. :)
Hi and welcome to the board you will love it here....... :wave: ]
Hi and welcome! You'll love it here!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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