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new here :)

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I'm very glad I found this forum! it's a lot more active than others I've found. I do not yet have a chi, but I hope to at some point soon(pondering a semi-rescue situation currently). anyhoo, I just wanted to say hello, and hope to get comfy here :)
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Well settle right in and sit back!

WELCOME :wave: glad to have you here with us! :toothy7:
Welcome! :wave:

Tell us more about the semi-rescue situation! Thank you for considering it - a lot of people have found the perfect pet through channels such as that; hopefully things will work out for you, too!
well, I'd only consider it a pseudo rescue, as there's no guarantee they will go to bad homes otherwise(only a strong inclination..)..I've posted this on a different board, so sorry if anyone has read it before. anyhoo, a friend of a friend is apparently allowing their chis to breed. they've had more than this litter, and they give them away for free. I can't imagine they're well bred, or safely bred. the chances of free puppies(or even expensive puppies..) going to good homes around here(those that can afford proper vet care, pay attention to food quality and can afford good food, and really give them the level of attention and care that they need) are very poor....people really just don't take good care of their animals around here, sadly. Most can't afford it, but take in animals anyway. So I'd really love to take at least ONE of these pups and give it a proper home, even if it does end up costing me and the "hubby" an arm and a leg in vet bills...

We only take in animals from rescues normally, as I don't believe in purposefully creating new lives when there's so many already in existence who really need a good life...this is sort of a special situation though. We've also always wanted a chi, but haven't really found any(there's no local rescues, and most won't adopt so far away...we also don't have a fenced yard and don't own our own house...and while we're very careful and stable, this doesn't fly with most breed specific rescues, understandably.)
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Welcome, you're going to love it here. Everyone is very helpful and most of us are on here off and on through out the day. :wave:
Welcome!! I hope you find that perfect rescue chi!! Where are you from again?? I am sleepy and trying to type fast!! You will love it here, being here will make you go and get that ball rolling and I promise you wont be on here more than a month or so and you will be posting about your new chi!! Good luch in your search!! :)
sillymom said:
Where are you from again??
I'm from new mexico, far far away from civilization as I define it ;)

thank you all for the warm welcome!
Hello and welcome!
I really thing you'll enjoy being part of this forum! :)
:wave: hi and welcome to the forum :wave: your going to love it here :!:
hi and welcome

glad you found us :wave:
Hello and welcome! :wave: I hope you do get one of those chi's, I'm sure you will give it a wonderful home!
Hello & Welcome. I think you are right this is a very active site and the people are very nice :wave:
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