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Hi My Name is Dan and I just got Skippy. He was born on 8/30/2004. He is suposiedly 1/2 Peek A Poo and 1/2 Chihuahua. He is doing amazingly well with potty training one accident in a week :lol: . We also have a female Boxer (Roxie) 5 yrs old. They are getting along well, but I am afraid Skippy will get stepped on so he is in my arms a lot. I am enjoying reading all the great posts. Here is a picture of Skippy. :wave:
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Hi Dan,
Skippy is a tiny little guy and he is very cute,
My name is Kelly I have a 6 mth old chihuahua and a shih tzu.
Nice to meet you 2 :wave:
Hi Dan and Welcome :wave: Skippy is a little cutie, can't wait to see some more pics, My Name is Jonathan, and I'm from the UK, I dont have a chi yet :cry: but I am definitly going to get one when I'm older because I'm only 13, anyway enjoy yourself here at chihuahua people :wave:
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Skippy sure is a Q T Pie!

He does look small.
Gald you found us!
Skippy is darling! And so small!! :) It's good to hear that she is doing so well with potty training. Welcome to the forum!
Oh you pup is so darn cute and so tiny!!! Welcome to the forum, you will really like it here, it is so full of info and great friends!! :D
Welcome Dan! You will feel right at home here. We are all just one big chi family! :wave: Skippy is a cutie. I can't wait to see him as he grows up. Keep the pictures coming! :wink:
Welcome from a fellow newbie. This forum is great and has lots of valuable info that I'm sure you will love as much as I do. Skippy is such a cutie! Again welcome :wave:
:hello1: Welcome! Your puppy is adorable! You will like it here, everyone is really great! And the best part is everyone really truly cares about one another!

I am Vicki and have a 5-1/2 month old Chi named Grizzly.

Looking forward to hearing more.
Hi dan and welcome - skippy is absolutely adorable he has such a sweet face :wave:
Hello and welcome! Skippy has really cute fur! Can't wait to watch him grow up. :wink:
Thank You

Thanks for all the nice welcomes. I have been busy reading all the posts. So much great info, I hope I can contribute to this wonderful board. :wave:
Hello :wave: and Welcome :hello2: who have such a cute pup.
hello and welcome! He is a cutie!

richie's mom
:wave: :wave: :wave: welcome cant wait to C more pics :!:
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