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nemochi said:
I spoke to Nemo's breeder earlier she was devarstated about what happened to my little boy but said she knew how much I loved him and how happy he was, She said she was breeding Nemo's mum and dad again in a few months and if I wanted I could have pick of the litter so I would have a full brother or sister to Nemo. I know it wont be my little boy but part of him would still be inside this other puppy. I'm still thinking about what to say to her. The pup wouldn't be available for about 6 months so I would be able to grieve for my baby but also have his legacy live on.

I think it is a great ideal no one will ever replace your little Nemo but its good to grieve but it is also good to move on and care and love a new little girl/guy like you loved nemo and yes it would be alot of him in the new puppy. I hope everything works out for you...

Many blessings...
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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