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hello everyone

im the chihuahua meetup organiser for london uk

i became the organizer ages ago and it took our group ages till we finally met

lots of my members are inactive, i think its because the group is quite old and because it took us all a while before people met up some members lost interest

my advice is post loads of pics in the photo section

on the profile part where members say a bit about themselves, add some little questions for memebrs to fav place you take your chi, chi's fav food, funny chihuahua moments....something like that. its nice to acually get to know people a bit before you actually meet them in person

use the poll section aswell, ask members the best day they can attend a meetup, this will help maximise future turnout!

add something in the message section, write a little bit about yourself and encourage other members to do so!

umm last tip.....ADVERTISE!!
put adds on ad pages, pet shops etc
i have gained a few members this way, they were surfing the net for a chihuahua came across my add and joined, then when they did get their chi they attend!!

i hope this helps!
good luck for your future meetups!


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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