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New litter of chihuahuas

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Hi, I am new to the board and came here for advice about my 3 new baby girl chihuahuas. This is my first and only litter and the birth went very well. All 3 girls appear to be healthy and are going in for their first check up today. Before I go, I was wondering if it was normal for newborn chis to have a little bit of Diarrhea. It is orangey brown in colour. Only 2 of the pups have it. I will ask the vet but just wanted to know in advance if any other people have had litters with this

Here is a bit of info on my dogs. Father is Chocolate with a white chest. He is a double coat applehead and about 3.5lbs. Mom is black and white and is a deer head cross apple head with the head of the apple head chi and the body of the deer chihuahua. She is about 4.5 lbs. The pups are white with chocolate spots and one full black with a bit of white on the chest and a pink foot. Very cute I want to keep them all but all 3 babies have homes waiting for them at 10 weeks of age.

Hope someone can help with my above question and offer some helpful tips etc. Thank you :wave:
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