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New Member -- Hello!

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Hi! I am a new member and I wanted to show my babies to you all...
Mario is 1 year old now and Emma is 8 months.
We hope to be chatting lots with all of you!!!
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Hello and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you found us!
Your babys are adorable!
OMG, they are both sooooo adorable!!! :love4: Welcome! :wave:
They are both beautiful, nice to meet you. :wave:
Welcome aboard - those are 2 of the cutest baby pics I have ever seen I cannot wait too see more :D

Here are some more recent photos...
Mario showing off his new Christmas jacket... Emma is taking it easy.
They have grown up nicely.
They both have beautiful coats (fur).
And the jacket is cute too.
Emma is still quite the baby... she needs mommy's attention at all times... but Mario is quite independent... he doen't "need" me as much. He is very photogenic. I am very excited about breeding. It is something that I have considered for a while. I think it will be sometime late this year or early next year when she will be ready. I would like to get her weight up just a bit...

Thank you for all the complimants!!! We appreciate it!!!
By the way, thank you for making me feel welcome in a new place... I can't wait to get to know you all better.

Also, the baby photos... I cannot begin to tell you how long and how many shots it took to get a few decent ones...

Check out this goofy face I got during one of our photo sessions!!!
They are both just as beautiful grown up as they were as babies! :wink:
That is 2 beautiful chi's! Really they are!
Nice to meet you :wave:
Oh they are just adorable! I wish I could get a long coat, I think they're just adorable!
Hello there and the pictures of your two little cherubs, I have a long coat too...they look really adorable.. :wave:
:wave: Welcome and your babies are the cutest things!!
Your two babies are precious! They have such pretty fur!
Hello and welcome!

They are both so adorable!
welcome to the board. You have beautiful babies. :wave:
Hello & welcome. Both of your furbabies are Beautiful :wave:
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