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Hi there,

I am a new member and wanted to introduce myself. I live in Northern California with several dogs (and parrots) including 2 Chihuahuas. Chico came to us as a foster dog who we planned to foster short term but decided to keep him partly because we fell in love with him and partly because he is a sensitive little guy and pretty fearful/reactive of new situations and people. Two weeks ago one of the rescue groups I work with (founded and run by one of my closest friends) pulled a litter of Chihuahuas from an over crowded high kill shelter in the area. I ended up bringing one of them home to "foster", although, I think I will probably just keep him:) His name is Pancho Villa.

I am a CPDT (certified professional dog trainer) and own a dog training and behavior consulting business. Because I wrote a book on positive show dog training I work a lot with show dogs, but also do all levels of training using positive reinforcement methods.

Looking forward to meeting new people and learning more about my Chis!

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Hey!!! Welcome! :p
Great intro! Can't wait to see pictures of your fur kids!
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