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Hi Ya'll

I'm Strangedogs. My wife and I bred Chinese Cresteds for years... After deciding to get out of the game we took a 2 year hiatus then decided we wanted more dogs. We currently have 2 Chihuahua 5 month old pups (1 black & white male and a fawn girl) - 2 Papillon 5 month old girls and a 4 year old Papillon male. We are in love with our kids and they spend most of their days running around the house, our fenced back yard and in our bed with us. We do crate the pups at night and when we're not home. We are both in our 60's - I'm retired and my wife is disabled so we're home 99% of the time. All our dogs are registered and just beautiful and extremely loving.

We hope to learn a lot in these forums about our lil' Chi's.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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