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Hi everyone! Greetings from Australia! I've been looking on this forum, researching answers to the many questions I have, for a while now and thought I should join and say hi!

I'm getting my first chi any time after the 18th of feb and I'm super excited but also nervous! He's a little boy and his parents are beautiful and he is so cute! Picking out a chihuahua puppy was like a dream come true. I've wanted a chi since I was about 15, and started buying books on the breed in my teens. I'm 22 now, have a place of my own (rental) and time (I'm a student) to care for a dog so I feel it's the right time. I can't wait to get him home! Every time I go to the shops I end up returning with something he might like- and he isn't even here yet!

Sorry about the lengthy post I just wanted to say hello and to vent my excitement! :D
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