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New pics

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Here are some updated pictures of Harley I took today! I know on my last update, I promised pics. :D


(I just think this one is funny, LOL!)

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LOL That last pic is too hilarious! Those big ol' eyes and eargs peekin' out lol
he is so dang cute... I love the last pic.. those eyes..
LOL that last one cracked me up, He is such a cutie :D
He's gorgeous!
I love his colours, he's quite similar to my baby.
I really like the last picture too hehe.
That last one is way too cute (isn't it funny how our mistakes sometimes turn out best?). :lol: But I love the curled up sleeping chi the best. :)
So darn cute, I love the leopard pink sheets!! :D
Thanks everyone!!!! I love that last picture too, I thought it was funny despite it was a "mess up". LOL! :lol: Harley does remind me of Lexi too. Oh and Victoria, thanks for the compliments on the sheets. :) Can you guys tell I like animal prints? :wink:

Those pics are all so cute and the last pic is so funny, especially the way the tip of his tail shows from the middle of his head. :D
Thanks!! :wave:
YAY! These new pictures were long overdue. Harley looks like such a sweetie!
Thanks Anna! :D
if i could find purple leopard pring sheets i'd be in business lol! love the colored animal prints!!!

i like the pic where he looks like he is giving paw! he's a looker that's for sure!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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