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New Puppy Problems

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3 days ago we welcomed Abby, an adorable black and tan chihuahua puppy, into our home. The problem is that she and our 3 year old chi Tobee are not getting along very well. The first day she came home he just ignored her, and now every time she gets near him he growls at her. Abby is very playful and every time she sees him she tries to pounce on him, and then he'll growl and go somewhere where she can't get to him. Tobee is also short-tempered around us now even though we are making an effort to spend more time with him than the new puppy. I hate to see him so upset and really want this to work out! Is there anything we can do, or will we just have to wait and see if they become friends? Any advice would be great!
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Toby was the name of our first chi, he was 15 years old when we got Sully but he hated her and she loved him, he would face the wall and just ignore her mostly or just kept moving away from her but in the end they got used to each other and would share a basket, sadly 6 months later Toby died of old age but they were friends by then, just persevere,give him lots of attention hes feeling jealous and dont force her on him and give Toby his space, im sure he will come round in the end.
Hi and welcome :wave: its early days yet - their is a great article on introducing dogs in the article section I would check it out , good luck and keep us posted :wave:
Thanks for replying, you guys gave me hope that they will become friends someday! :) Abby is just like Sully, she adores Tobee! She follows him around everywhere and when he is on the couch she gazes up at him. I'll check out that article, Ozzysmom, thanks for the suggestion.
It took my two a few weeks, and even more time to be buddies. Bindi was always ready and eager and Kemo was insanely jealous. He would just bark at her for days...................

Then it just happened. I am sure they will get along, do not despair :)
Daytona went through that with any new addition i brought home eventually they will become play mates. all takes time and adjusting
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