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New Puppy - Tiny Harness

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Here is the harness I made for our new puppy.... (not sure of the name yet) It is so tiny.... it fits a coke can!!
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great harness!!! super cute puppy !!! but I WANT THAT MINUTE MAID !!!!!! :D

mmmmmmm pink lemonade sounds sooooo good, we only have tropical apple and orange here :cry:

kisses nat
Cute Harness Traci!!! ADORABLE BABY!! AND NAT....YOU ARE A HOOT!!! :lol:
That is so cute and she looks great! :wink:
That is the cutest puppy in the cutest harness!! Look how tiny! how much does she weigh?
:wave: Thanks!!!

She weighs 1 lb - 6 oz. She feels much lighter, but that's what the scale says!
She looks super in that wee little harness. Got to love it.

OMG, your harnesses are so cute - I think that's my fave so far, the colours, the trim, just beautiful! And looks so cute on your puppy!
that is a great harness!!!
My Tico would see too many things on it that looked like snacks though!
aww adorable and i love the colors and the preppy stripes.. soo cute!!! I WANT ONE,.. hehe any chance of getting that in blue and green.. hehe just kidding but is GREAT!!
How adorable! Did you buy/use a pattern, or did you just make it up yourself? I love it so much! I want one :tongue3:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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