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New Puppy

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I finally got my puppy after two months of waiting. She she flew into the airport yesterday morning. I am so in love with her!! So sweet! Everything I wanted....except I am sort of scared she is going to be larger then both her parents (3lbs).
Here she is!!! Her name is going to be Fauxi! If you can't tell why it's because she looks like a fox. So does everyone thinks he will end up being completely fawn?

what a cutie!
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She dose look big for a puppy chi but oh well you will love her just as much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a cutie I agree she looks quite big for A chi pup - how much does she weigh? how old is she ? :wave:
no need to be scared but i do agree she does look bigger for a chi pup. she is adorable anyway! so much more to love!
she's very cute! she has very pretty markings. and her name is adorable! but the spelling makes it difficult to figure out. since i know why you named her i know it is pronounced fox-e. but with the spelling it looks like it is pronounced foex-e cause faux is pronounced foe.

and don't worry about the size. it's no contest for world's smalles chi ;)
She's adorable!!! I have no idea about coloring since I've never had a chi puppy but the folks here will have some thoughts on that. I just wonder why you're scared she'll be bigger than her parents??? Nothing wrong with a chi weighing more than 3 pound and she'll have a better chance of being healthy if she is bigger. Lily is 4 pounds and she's a lil tiny peanut.

I feel bad that your pup's mom and dad are the same size... from what I've learned here, the mom should be about twice the size of the dad or there are huge risks in giving birth. I wonder why your breeder allowed that to happen. :?

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about your baby's size at all. Her personality and health are all that should matter. :)
She is 10weeks on the 18th! I will be getting her weighed on Monday the 18th i'll update her weight as soon as I find out :-D The only other question I had was about shots here in the US. Are there three sets of shots or two? I can't wait till I can take her any where with me.

Oh and about the parents weight and breeding, I don't know what the breeder was thinking! She was a nice lady but I wish she would have been more personable.
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