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Hi all!

I am an experienced dog owner, but new to the world of chihuahua ownership. I was reading a lot on these forums so I decided it was time to register and post myself.

We currently have one dog, he does Agility (soon to be competing), Rally and has his CGC. Both me and my husband are big into the dog sports. I never really imagined I would get a little dog like a chihuahua, but since moving out to Nevada we have been fostering dogs and the overwhelming number of chis in our shelters means we have fostered a few.

Through those foster dogs we have fallen in love with the breed, so we have decided to get one (I took a little convincing, I really wanted our next dog to be a shiba inu, even was in contact with a breeder, but my husband wants a dog that is a little less cat-like than the asian breeds, more of a snuggle buddy, I can't really argue with that). Seeing as I work from home mainly, and will not be traveling until at least after the 1st of the year we have also decided it would be nice to get a puppy. This might be the only time in our lives where we have the time available to really dedicate to a puppy, so I figured if we ever were going to have a puppy now would be the time. Believe it or not but our city shelter puts down puppies every week, the intake of chihuahuas is just huge, so we won't have any trouble finding a little gal to call our own.

We are waiting for a few more baby gates and a collapsible play pen to arrive before we are going to start looking. I the meanwhile I can't wait, I keep searching petfinder instead of working :)

So yay, I think that's about it!
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