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New Things!

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ok i haven't posted in awhile, i have been pretty busy! I couldn't be happier with my doggy business!

here's some of the things i have sold! i still have some orders that need to be filled. :)

ahh! more to come... **pajamas/raincoats currently under construction**
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I love the cozy hoodies, it must be cozy the dogs fallen asleep? LOL :lol:
Beautifully modeled
very nice!! i love all three models :shock:

kisses nat
well thanks everyone! i looove the hooides too! somebody specially requested one and i thought it was an excellant idea, so i'm going to make it a regular item.

oh and i only have one baby! hehe Tundra is in every picture (you are just seeing her from different angles). it can be confusing because in some pictures you can't see her eye patch.
i love them all, especially the hoodie!!
is there a website we can order from or eBay shop or something?

and do you take color requests?

i never see solid dark colors anywhere, i am starting to think i am either weird, or goth, or... mmmh, isn't it the same thing anyways?! :shock: :lol: LOL

Black. Brown. Possible? Price? Ship to Canada? :eek: :wave: Thanks!!
would you do the hoodie in black? Do you ship to uk?
:wave: Your chi is gorgeous, I love her eye patch! I would order from you if you ship to the Uk as well. :)
Me too, I love the patch eye... your dog is cute.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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