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new to chi-people

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Hi everyone. I am new and this is my 1st post. Going to look at a fem. chi tomorrow, hopefully will be bringing her home. She is a beautiful black/tan/white like the one I had before, but due to the impending divorce she took our chi and miss him dearly. I wish I new more about computers to be able to post pics. Maybe somebody out there can give me a clue. Anyway just wanted to say hello out there. Have been reading many post on this site and seems very informative and caring people are on this site.
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welcome to the forum. i cant wait to see some piccies to do that you go to add an attachment and then browse choose the pic and then submit!
i hope that helped just a bit lol, or maybe someone out there is better than me explaining how to do it.
neways, glad you found us
sarah x
:wave: hi and welcome to the forum chinut :wave: let us know how you get on tomorrow :)
Hello and welcome!
So glad to have you here!
:wave: WELCOME

To post pics take a moment and read the FAQ at the top of the page it goes over the forums different features.
hi and welcome

glad you found us and good luck tomorrow - cant wait too see pics :wave:
Hello & Welcome I certainly hope you find a little chi baby :wave:
Hello and welcome! I hope you get your little fur-baby!
Hi, nice to meet you. I hope everything works out tomorrow and you get your chi! :wave:
Hi chinut and welcome here :wave: Everyone here are great. sorry to hear of the divorce. I hope you get the perfect pup . welcome again.
Welcome Chinut! =) I hope you find the perfect baby...and if you do make sure you post some pics!! =)
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Good luck with your new baby!
Can't wait to see pics
So sorry about losing your pup to divorce, that is actually really sad. I never thought about that, but it is like losing a child. I know you must really be hurting. You will love it here and I have one warning for you. Being here and reading all these posts, makes you want another one, and another one, and another one!! So I hope, for you, that today you find a wonderful pup to spend your new beginning with!! Good luck!
:wave: Hello and welcome chinut!

Sillymom you are so right that being here makes you want more and more. I just got my 3rd one yesterday and only got my 2nd one 2 months ago. :D
:wave: hello. to everyone who responded. yesterday was a long one, after a 10 hr round trip drive, i have a new member of the family, a 9 wk. black/tan/white female chi., named cheyenne. was well worth the drive. as soon as i figure out the pic thing, will post.
I am so happy for you! Can't wait to see pictures of her. I'm not good w/ helping post pics but I am sure someone will be along that can give you advice on that. It took me a couple of months to get pictures of my lil guy on here.
That's great. Can't wait to see the pic. Congrats :D
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