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hi and welcome noelle

First of all you need to consider your reasons for breeding - what does your dog have to offer the breed that is perfect etc and secondly you need to realise how much time and money is invovled in breeding - all good breeders will tell you that their is no money to be made in good breeding.

*What age is the appropriate age for breeding? 2 - 7 no more than 1 litter per year
*What preparations should I make? you need to do lots of research and speak to breeders and make sure you have a good vet and that you really now the breed you are going into and also that your bitch is suitable to be bred ie: that she is not under 5 pounds as this can then be risky due to birth complications leading to c sections.
*Do I have to buy a male to mate her, or can I mate her with the her former owners males? You can breed her with a good stud aslong as he is smaller in weight than her and is a good match ie: has a good health record in his pedigree
*How much should I plan to invest? Im not a breeder so I cant answer this question but as I said before it can be expensive and there is no money to be made in breeding.

Hope this has helped you and please PM Mia the forum administrator and let her know you want access to the breeders section on here :wave:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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