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hi. im from colorado :)
i posted pics before i even say hi here x0
i have one chihuahua and one dachshund and one cane corso.
my dachshund is from shelter. his name is Coke. usually i just call him Coco.
he is like 7yrs i think. he is old man :D haha
my chihuahua is almost 2 yrs now. and her name is Cookie. she is so lovely :)
she is my baby and i think she knows very well that im her mama :D
also my cane corso's name is Rocky, really really big dog. and he is 1 yr now.
and they play all together :p
anyway i love all pets. esp dogs. and of course, chihuahua. my baby :D

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Hey welcome!!! :p
You must post pictures of Rocky!!! I LOVE Cane Corsos!!!
And I also have a Rocky,lol! Your pups are adorable!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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